May the Fourth be with you!
Ellie's Weekly 
Spring 2020, Week 6


Interested in being a Welcome Week Ambassador? Here’s why YOU should join ERC’s Welcome Week Committee:

1. Make the Class of 2024 feel special!

2. Build lasting bonds with friends

3. Organize and plan the events of your dreams

4. Mentor incoming students

5. Show your creative side

Welcome Week Committee meets every Monday at 5:30 PM. Please email to receive the Zoom link if you are interested! Click the image above for a link to the Facebook event!

Earth Month Awareness Contest

Date & Time: April 20 - May 15

 Location: FB/ and IG @ucsdoutreach

With April 22nd, 2020 officially marking 50 years of celebrating Earth Day, the Outreach is launching the Earth Month Awareness Contest to get you away from the screens and to look for simple and eco-friendly changes you can make at home. Starting this week, we will hold four contests to bring awareness to Earth Month and to promote eco-friendly lifestyles. 


Excited to become a Triton and live your dreams? Join us to learn about the experiences of International and Out-Of-State students and get all your questions answered during the Q&A session

The I-House Global Forum Fellow is interviewing students about their experiences and informing us on current conditions around the world. New videos drop every Wednesday.

 Wednesday, 5/6, at 3pm (PST)


Join I-House Thursdays on Zoom to watch movies from different countries. An open forum will follow each film, allowing you to share your impressions.

Thursday, 5/7, at 7pm (PST)



To meet with an ERC Student Affairs staff member over zoom, follow this link!

If you have any inquiries regarding information advertised in the newsletter or ECHO or you want to advertise programs and resources, please email For submissions, send an email with the relevant info and graphics by Friday at 10 AM the week before you want your information to be advertised. 

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